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Is that much hotness allowed on one screen?

James Marsters is gonna guest star on Torchwood!!!!

From the JamesMarstersLive.com site:

James will be playing a one-off concert in Cardiff on Saturday, July 21.

He will be appearing at The Point in Mount Stuart Square in Cardiff. Tickets cost £20 (subject to booking fee) and are now on sale from The Point. Full details of the concert are available here.

James is in town filming for the second series of UK sci-fi television favourite Torchwood.

He will be appearing as a guest star alongside leading actor John Barrowman in the BBC's adult spin-off of long-running television series Doctor Who.

Torchwood - an anagram of Doctor Who - is a secret task force that deals with alien encounters. John Barrowman plays mysterious multi-sexual time agent Captain Jack Harkness, who leads the Cardiff-based team. Series creator Russell T Davies, winner of the 2006 BAFTA Dennis Potter Award for Outstanding Writing for Television, has also written Casanova, Dr Who and Queer As Folk.

The episode will be broadcast in the UK by the BBC early next year.
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