HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Lemmings, the other white meat...

a meme from hellbob who got it from kniblet who got it from dakegra who got it from a bum on the street:

1. My user name is HellZiggy. The first time I ever used this name was when I signed up for LJ. Now, almost 5 years later, it is my second name. If you google HellZiggy every hit is me. It comes from my maiden name - Stelzig. But online Ziggy was usually taken, or a site required at least 6 characters. And I *never* considered putting a stupid number on the end. So when I needed an online name, since Rick goes by Hellbob I figured that HellZiggy could be my married online name.

2. My journal is titled Big smash bang with boobies. It is from a Joss Whedon quote. He was talking about how the title of the movie "Serenity" misleads people about what kind of movie it is. He made a comment about how he should have named it if he wanted to tell people exactly what he had written. He basically said that if the title had to describe the movie it would be something like Big smash bang with boobies.

3. My subtitle is One badass fucking fractal. It is a line from the Jonathan Coulton song Mandelbrot set. I actually don't know what a fractal is for the most part but I really dig the song.

4. My friends page is called the Cool Kids, cuz you all rock!

5. My default userpic is My stuffed travelling Moose, sitting on the beach in California.
Tags: me, meme

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