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Riots in the streets, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

Went to PetSmart today and took Lump with me. She is always so well behaved & it is so much fun to see everyone's reactions when they realize the critter I have is a cat, not a puppy. Not too many cats will tolerate PetSmart! Luckily the cart doesn't bother her since I had to get a bag of Lump chow, a bag of Gabe chow, puppy toys for Luna, litter for my sister's two cats, and 100 crickets for chebutykin's geckos & skinks. Not too much of an adventure. As I said she is incredible well behaved & mellow (she didn't get the name Lump for nothing!)
The adventure started at my sister's house. She has a dog. A very bouncy dog. We think Kyanna may be part Tigger. I opened the door to deliver the kitty litter & Kyanna wanted to play. Lump didn't. Lump pulled out of her collar & ran under Jason's car. Kyanna followed, as this was obviously part of the game. Lump keeps swatting Kyanna's nose, which is actually kind of funny, since Lump's lack of claws prevents any damage which pisses her off & makes her swat more... So we grab Kyanna, put her back in the house. Grab Lump, recollar her. So much for my plan of leaving Lump at Casa Darst while I run to the mall to collect Waldenbooks paychecks & ST:TNG season 4 DVD...I ended up having to run home first because I did NOT want a baked cat when I ran into the mall.
Poor Lumpy was so happy to be home. At least I now have her regular food so I can stop giving her Senior formula. And I've got the Gabester's Sensitive Skin formula to mix 50/50 w/his Senior so he'll stop being such a cranky bitch!
Then I got to mow the lawn because HellBob is off playing Computer Doctor at Tom's house. Mowing just doesn't suck nearly as much with a self propelled mower!!
Now it's time for the tough decision: work in the darkroom, or plop my butt down in front of the TV and just RELAX!! I think the TV is going to win today. I don't really feel like inhaling chemicals.
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