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A long but good weekend

We couldn't have asked for better weather for the BBQ, especially considering that it was halfway through October! Jackets weren't even needed outside!

On Friday I got home from work & was planning on settling in to do homework until hellbob got home from work, but he thwarted my plans by getting off of work early. We then proceeded to start cleaning. After getting the living room straightened up, we took almost everything out of it so we could steam-clean the carpet. Yes, I know, it seems kind of silly to do it before the party, but it had gotten kind of grungy. So, carpet cleaning commenced, and then it was left to finish drying, as our dining room sat there full of living room furniture.
Saturday, we put the living room back together, went shopping for food & booze, and just generally putzed around making sure that we hadn't forgotten anything.
Then, shortly before 7:00 people started showing up, and they kept coming and coming and coming. I think this may have been our biggest attendance yet. At one point the living room was full, with nowhere left to sit but the floor, the dining room chairs were all occupied, there was a small cluster in the kitchen, one on the front stairs, and a relatively sizable group out by the fire. Not bad considering that we were in direct competition with a couple other parties!
When starting the fire, hellbob did not start the driveway on fire this time.
For my stealth-birthday I got a Suncoast gift certificate from chebutykin and cajones. I must plot what to spend it on. I'm thinking possibley a Buffy season that I don't have yet, or maybe the British Coupling. The NBC one is just so painful that I want to watch the real one, you know, the one that's funny!
The last folks left at around 3:30 or 4:00, and I crashed! I was up at about 10:00 running around frantically trying to get things done for my CotP class (the homework that had been thwarted on Friday) and spent most of the day there. Then I watched an Angel S2 disk while coloring with markers for my Layout and Design class. It's kind of scary how much money I paid to learn to trace! But I'm pretty happy with the way my stuff turned out and now I don't have to stress about not having it done for Tuesday.
1:00. I should probably go to bed. My sleep schedule is a bit wonky because of the late night last night, but if I can make it through tomorrow at work, I've got Tues-Thurs off!

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