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CONvergence is imminent! Er...um... CONvergence is over...

So, another CONvergence has come and gone...

Three days later and I still haven't caught up on reading LJ or posted about it myself. And it's not like I have work as an excuse... *sigh*

I really feel like I just lost the last few days. Monday was first spent sleeping in, then after only a few hours awake it was spent in a sleep coma to try to get rid of (or at least sleep through) cramps.

Unfortunately my right ear has pain off & on too, which I think means that the amoxicillan didn't really get rid of the infection.

A possible ear infection combined with PMS combined with lethargic depression at being unemployed probably contributed to the con having a weird vibe for me, as well as losing 2 days post con.

So right now I'm going to work on catching up on reading. Then I will post about con. Maybe not all things in that particular order.
Tags: conventions, convergence, sick

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