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CONvergence summary

To read various people's CONvergence highlights go HERE. chebutykin did a "tell me your highlights of con" post.
To see pictures of CONvergence go HERE for over 2000 of vorrant's pictures. I'm sure I'm in there somewhere, but I haven't looked.

Random Con moments:

*Room was ready when we got there so we could check in immediately

*North tower!

*My Beta Clone #131 t-shirt showed up in the mail on Friday so I could wear it! Picture already sent to JC Hutchins.

*Opening ceremony sketch was good. Apparently we missed about half the opening stuff though because we booked out of there when the Mark Time awards started. Every year I sit through them and every year they are too long and I get bored, so I didn't this year.

*Got to spend lots of quality time with the LJ-less Darek and Nissa.

*Played some Cineplexity Friday nite.

*Saw the other Sharon (BirdChick) on Saturday when she was there for the Raptor Center presentation.

*Moose did *not* get eaten by a red-tailed hawk:

*Ended up eating at Olive Garden twice this weekend. Service was less than stellar both times.

*Met kajicarter in real life for the first time. Kaji, you get to change colors now! My flist has one color for people I've met and one for people I haven't.

*I looked smokin' hot on Saturday night in my black velvet outfit and with makeup on.

*chebutykin was smarter than me and brought her Xmas present for me & hellbob to the convention. We didn't think to do that.

*The comic professionals panel was pretty cool!

*I got to see Cyd & lady_gunsen in the bar. I really need to see them more often.

*Moose got to meet a real live rocket scientist (Bridget Landry) and a Hugo & Nebula award winning author (Lois McMaster Bujold.)

(can you tell I'm having too much fun using Skitch to annotate photos?)

*Sunday's closing sketch was brilliant! Prince and the Electric Mayhem! The year 3007 film that romeoa put together was also fabulous!

*And, as has become tradition for me, the con ended Sunday night with a game of Salad Bowl.

I know I forgot plenty of things. But hey, my excuse for anything forgotten is "What happens at Con stays at Con!"

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