HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Meme of the Week

The meme that keeps popping up on my flist this week is an amusing one.
Stolen most recently from my lovely hellbob:

Google "[your name] needs" and list the first 10 you see in your own journal.

1. Sharon Needs to Be Told to Stop Shooting and Start Talking.
Due to the misfortune of my first name being the same as the last name of a Middle-eastern leader dude, most of the first hits I got were him. After doing a few I ignored them because they were all basically about the same.

2. Sharon Needs to To Do Succession Planning Now.

3. Sharon needs more time to work out a peace policy

4. Sharon needs new clothes

5. Sharon Needs a Friend

6. Sharon needs to revise the membership list

7. sharon needs to shut her f***in mouth
As you can tell my the language, this one is about Ozzy's wife.

8. Sharon needs to be in Brad's bed
Sharon needs to leave Jack.
Sharon needs to stay with her husband and leave Nick alone!
I bunched these 3 together because they are all from a Young and the Restless message board. There is apparently a character named Sharon that is, um, friendly with a few boys.

9. Sharon needs your ideas, comments, and support.

10. Sharon needs some more money.
Hey, I'm not the one who said it. It came straight from the Google gods. You must do what Google says. Paypal address: HellZiggy AT gmail * com

And one bonus one because it was down near the bottom of the page but it amused me!

Sharon needs a new supply of purdy pink panties from the W. Bush regime.
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