HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Don't worry, I still have all my fingers...

If you haven't taken THIS POLL yet, do that before clicking on the LJ cut below.

For the rest of you playing along,
The critter that bit me today is in this photo taken by Birdchick:

See him going after my thumb? Didn't really hurt bad though, and didn't break the skin.

Here's another picture that Lynne took right before I opened my hand for him to fly away.

What was I doing with a cardinal in my hands, you ask? Well Lynne picked me up this morning at about 8:30 and we headed on down to the Carpenter Nature Center in Hastings because they do bird bandings down there every Friday.
The lovely and charming Birdchick was there.

Here's a picture of her getting a sparrow out of the net:

Lynne also got to do the release for a couple of the birds; a catbird, and this goldfinch:

One really cool bird that I got to see that I'd never seen before was this one. Any guesses as to what it is?:

And a full body shot with his wings flapping, and the hand holding on to him:

So, you all guessed that it was a young yellow-bellied sapsucker, right? Yeah, I didn't know either until they told me!

And one parting shot for the road. A pic of the little dude that bit me, when someone else was holding him! Check out that crazy clown hair he's got going on!

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