HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Hello internets! I'm back!

I've pretty much been away from the internets since Friday night. It has been a busy and fun weekend.
On Friday, camel0t had a sex toy party/housewarming party. There were about 16 people or so, and it was pretty fun. There were jello shots that people said were yummy. I wouldn't know though because I find jello to be creepy. I can't handle the thought of eating that wiggly/solid texture. Bleah!

We got home from that at about 10:30 or 11:00, and at about 12:00 I headed out by myself to Memory Lanes. I'd gotten an email late the previous night from Sunspot saying that they'd be playing there and that they would be the last band to go on.

Since the last time they had played Minneapolis was over a year ago and ended up being on the day my friend Dawn got married (the Pink Bridesmaid of Doooooooooooom wedding) I hadn't been able to see them live yet. So, with such short notice I didn't really have a chance to try to talk anyone into going with me. I wasn't going to let that stop me though!

I walked over towards the middle of the bowling lanes, where the stage was set up, and where most of the people were. I saw one familiar face: Wendy, the drummer. I'd never met her before but I recognized her from the Sunspot Road Mania podcasts. I went up to her and said, "Hey, you're Wendy, right?" LOL. Then I introduced myself and we chatted for a little bit. She recognized my name from when she sent my swag bag from their latest CD release party. Even though I couldn't make it to Madison for the party they were willing to mail you the CD and stuff if you bought a ticket.

Then Ben (the guitar player) came up and I got introduced to him. He was super nice. :) He asked me if I was bowling and I said that no, I'd just gotten there. Then he said he had to get the equipment set up, and did I want to play his free game? We determined that his shoes would be only slightly big on me, and so he took me to meet Heather and Taylor (Tyler?), gave me his lovely bowling shoes, and left to set up. So I went to a concert by myself, and ended up bowling with strangers while wearing a stranger's shoes. Yeah, my life is normal!

I didn't embarrass myself too bad with my lack of bowling skilz. I actually managed to just barely take second place. The band started playing when we only had about 2 frames each left. OMG! They were so much fun live! They did mostly stuff off the new album, but also did a couple of my favorites: Prozac Girl, and Scott Bakula!

There wasn't a very big crowd, but I had a fun time. They said they'll be playing Eau Claire sometime soon, so maybe I'll have to roadtrip to that.
After they were done I got pictures of all of them with Moose.

Well, the Foley's are here for James' birthday, so I'll finish posting soon. :)

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