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The rest of the update...

OK, so clan Foley has departed and I caught up on reading LJ. It was at skip 225! After only 2 weekend days! Of course, two of you on the flist were posting blogathon posts...
I've got many tabs open with the intention of commenting.
This may or may not actually happen tomorrow.

We left off on the last post with me having gone to a kick-ass Sunspot concert.

hellbob woke me up at 7 the next morning so we could head on up to the Iron Range. His grandmother's 95th birthday is tomorrow and so the whole family was up on Saturday to throw her a party. We were in charge of bringing the drinks so we stopped partway up and bought a ton of pop & ice, so the pop was cold by the time we got to town. The party was in the senior center in Keewatin. After that, we had dinner at Valentini's in Chisholm with Rick's dad, step-mom, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew. Mmmmmm. Prime rib! Then it was back to Hibbing to stay at his dad's apartment for the night.

After a quick stop to see grandma again before leaving this morning, we hit the grocery store. $85 worth of meat later... we hit the road for home. I convinced hellbob we should listen to Coverville, and we went through 4 or 5 episodes before Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me came on NPR.

After getting home I turned on the internets and had to skip way far back. I didn't get to read anything though until the Foley's left. Now I have to go to bed because I'm gonna be getting up early tomorrow.
You'll never guess why...

I'm going to be working! At the place that laid me off! They are sooooo behind now that they got rid of two people that they really couldn't afford to get rid of and so they offered to let me come work on a temporary 'on call, as needed' basis. Works for me. They have to work around my schedule because I am doing `them a favor, but I can bring in some money while still looking. If I'm still there when school starts I will totally work fewer hours to fit my school schedule.

Of course, this isn't a permanent solution and I still want to find something else, but what the hell! I got my 7-week severance pay already!

So, off to bed with me now! :)
Tags: coverville, family, porketta, up north, work

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