HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Still haven't heard from a few of y'all!


beorcwyn: is new on my flist, so I really don't know anything about where he lives and if he's likely to have been near the bridge.
He has checked in and is ok
cleo &  romeoamattmn  is pretty sure they are out of town, but it would be great if any of the rest of y'all could confirm that.
Yes, cleo & romeoa are out of town. Thank you craftygeekette!

lady_gunsen: She doesn't post often, and jennett, she still doesn't drive, right? So I'm pretty sure she's fine.

lexinatrix: I haven't heard from you yet!!! bloodlossgirlis still worried about you too! If anyone knows about Lex please drop a comment!!
Thank you davedujour! Lex reports in ok, but without cell service.

I believe that every other Twin Cities person on my flist has been accounted for.
Tags: bridge, friends, lj peeps

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