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My newest toy

Jay Moonah & Amaya Thompson of Uncle Seth turned me on to a cool new program called Simplify Media.
It basically will do the shared library function of iTunes, but with other people on the internet instead of your local network. You connect with up to 30 other users. They can browse and play the music you make available and you can do the same with theirs.
You have to invite someone/be invited to connect libraries, so random people won't be in ur library listenin' to ur tunez.

If any of y'all download it and want to hook up with me my user name on it is *surprise* HellZiggy!

Since I'm a complete snot monster right now I'm 90% sure I'm not going in to work tomorrow, so I'll have my laptop on all day which will make my music available.

Also, if you do get hooked into my library be sure to check out Uncle Seth's music.
To Be An Angel, A Little Bit More, and their cover of Both Sides, Now are some of my favorites. Amaya has a GREAT voice!
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