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Not exactly a calm evening at home...

Holy crap. What a night. hellbob & I had just finished dinner w/ a guest and were sitting around chatting when the phone rang.
hellbob looked at the caller id and said "Who is [wiredferret' RealName]? Now since this is someone I don't think I have *ever* talked to on the phone I figured something must be wrong.
When I answered the phone wiredferret asked if I'd been on LJ and said gunthar needed help.
I got on the computer and saw this post.

wendy at fringe

cant find phone

need ER


door no locked not

I opened my address book to see if I had a phone number for gunthar and I didn't, but I had an address. I told Wired that I was going to call 911.
When I got the 911 I told the operator what was happening and they transferred me to the one where he lives.
They said they would be sending both police and ambulance.
Then I waited. And hit refresh on LJ pages & email. And waited. And hit refresh.
When jmanna saw the posts she called gingerpook who rushed home.
No details yet on what happened/what's wrong.
According to jmanna he's at Fairview and Ginger is with him. He's heavily medicated for pain. They're thinking appendicitis or something similar. No confirmation yet.
You have to love the internets. fairoriana in Boston saw the post, called wiredferret in Seattle, who called people here in Minneapolis until she found someone who had his address.

If any of y'all ever need to find my contact info, it's in a flocked post, way back at the beginning of my LJ. It is back dated to July 12, 1970.

I'm still worried about gunthar, although a little less so now that I know he's at the hospital and his wife is with him, but I really have to get to sleep. I'll have the phones near the bed if anyone calls with an update.
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