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My Fed-Ex package was waiting for me when I got home. Opened it up, and pulled out... iLife! Looked at Brian's original email w/the shipping info & sure enough he accidentally ordered the wrong one. After how much Fed-Ex annoyed me I just had to laugh.

Was going to go to the Apple store to see if it could be exchanged there and hellbob asked how much iLife goes for. Told him that it is the same as iWork, $79. Well, he thought iLife/GarageBand was way more expensive than that, $200 at least. So he's decided that if it's only $79 he's gonna buy a legal copy. So now instead of trying to exchange the one I got I'll just pick up iWork at the Apple store.

We watched the pilot episode of Sci-Fi's Flash Gordon. Ouch. Painfully bad. "imex. What's an imex?" hellbob compared Flash Gordon to a Sci-Fi Saturday feature, but without the heart & soul that makes them fun...

The Space Shuttle Endeavour landed safely this afternoon! The came home early to avoid the hurricanes an storms, and the damaged tile didn't cause any problems. Yay!

Found out on the ride up to the cabin that my technomonkey_m ♥ Me First & the Gimme Gimmes! You go boy!

Contemplating setting my Twitter account to protected. Not because I don't want people to be able to read my tweets, but because the random adds by people who add hundreds and thousands of twitterers annoy me, and those are always right after I make a post which would have shown up on the public timeline. I like the idea of real people finding me and adding me though. I dunno. I think they would also stop showing up on the RSS feed, but I think the only non-twitter person reading that is genevra.

Applied for several jobs during my emo day at home yesterday. Don't know why I never thought of it sooner, but instead of searching for the key word "photoshop" I searched for just "photo." There were a couple jobs at local custom labs that I applied for. There is one that I am really hoping calls me back because I am uber-qualified and the pay is in the range I need and since it is part time with the possiblility of full time I should hopefully be able to work it around the school schedule. Not even going to say the name though because I don't want to jinx it. I wanted that Memorial Blood Centers job that I didn't get too badly and don't want to deal w/that again. *edit* The one I was really hoping would call me back emailed me and wants me to call "at my earliest convenience." to talk about the position! Yay!

Because I was having such a bad day yesterday when hellbob stopped to pick up my drugs for me he also got me chocolate. Unfortunately Byerly's didn't have Vosges anymore. :(

My mood is definitely much improved today.

I have become oddly addicted to "Scott Baio is 45 and Single." No, I can't explain it, I just am.

A cool new way to see independent films that don't come to your town:
From poyboy's journal:
"Starting tomorrow will be the real test as to whether or not "mumblecore" will break out wider than the blogosphere and the film festival/filmmaker crowd. I'm thinking Hannah Takes the Stairs will do well at the IFC Center, along with the other Generation DIY titles. Remember Buje's Mutual Appreciation kicked some major butt in its NYC debut, enough butt that it played much wider across the nation than it would have had the NYC response been more muted. MutApp had a bit of a hometown advantage since it was shot in Brooklyn, but I'd argue that the media attention has been stronger for Hannah in the lead-up.

The articles that have been popping up, in The New York Times, the Village Voice and such, are well-thought out, if a little superficial summations, but for my money, indiewire blogger Tom Hall just wrote the best, most perceptive story about the "movement." No doubt he was able to ruminate on these movies in great detail as the director of the Sarasota Film Festival, which played most, maybe all of the titles he mentioned. I think, at the end, he points out the most important aspect of this whole business is not the similarities between the films themselves, but that now, filmmakers across the country of a like mind can be in daily communication, trading ideas, actors, scripts, clips for review, etc. That's never been possible before now.

What's also never been possible before now is that you, wherever you are, can actually watch a movie like Hannah Takes the Stairs, which premieres on one screen in one city tomorrow, at home, on TV. That is, if your cable system has IFC InTheaters. You can type in your zip code and find out here. Austin seems to be out of luck, unfortunately, as neither Grande or TimeWarner carries it. But, if you are reading this blog and are in an area that does get it, please dial up Hannah and check it out. The number of downloads it gets this week will probably impact the viability of Joe's movie and other movies like it much more so than how many tickets are sold at the IFC Center."

Here in the Cities, when I put my zip code in the IFC site says that Comcast Cable has this but DirecTV doesn't. If you have Comcast and are a fan of independent film, you should look into this.

And while I'm pimping friends' stuff, y'all should go watch This Day In Alternate History if you're not already. There have been 41 episodes already. They're all about 5 minutes long or so, and they are a total riot. They are hosted by MightyMur, aka sailormur and HoboZero, aka cryptonaut. Find them HERE.

Also, are you listening to Escape Pod yet? Top notch sci-fi stories read by talented people. This is sfeley's baby, and he's a very good daddy! The latest episode, #119 Aliens Want Our Women, was read by the supah-sexay Leann from the TitS podcast. Go listen now.

So anyway, there's a bunch of the random stuff floating in my brain today. Yes, I was having a VERY bad day yesterday. But I am much better today. Better living through chemistry, yo.

*note* although this post has the goat-fucking tag, it does not contain any actual goat fucking. The tag still just amuses me and I wanted to use it!
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