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I'm probably dying or something...

I've been feeling craptastic all day. I've been having intestinal/poo "issues." I'm also super achy in my lower back/abdomin. Just generally feeling icky.
So I took my temp when I got home to see if i had a fever: 95.4º. Um, okay. According to Wikipedia 95.0º is hypothermia... So I sat on the couch for a little while w/a blanket and took my temperature again. 99.5º (which for me is a fever because my "normal" is 1 degree below normal.) WTF? And when I woke up this morning it was 98.3º. Apparently either my internal temperature regulator, or my digital thermometer is on the fritz!
I shall try not to freeze to death or spontaneously combust in the near future. But if I do, you've been warned!
Tags: sick

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