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More health crap

OK. So I posted a bit late last week about my health & how I'd been feeling pretty crappy. The worst day as far as how I felt was Thursday when I had the fever. At the worst point it was up to 100.5º, but was back to normal by morning.

Unfortunately the biggest problem I've been having is still here. Since Wed I've had pretty bad diarrhea. When I got the fever on Thurs I assumed it was related, so when the fever was gone Fri I was hoping that the diarrhea would be done soon too. I also took some Kaopectate on Fri to help things along.

I woke up on Saturday feeling better overall, but still not great. My entire abdomen/lower back felt like they'd been pummeled for the previous three days. But I definitely felt well enough to walk around the fair, although I didn't partake in too many of the fair's delicacies.

After the fair hellbob & I went to his sister's house to babysit our niece & nephew. Unfortunately I found that the diarrhea was still around, and I've still got it today.

Also, yesterday morning I started spotting a bit. It was worse last night and through today. It's actually now heavy enough that I would assume it was the beginning of my period, except that I've started doing the temperature taking & tracking thing for me & hellbob to try and get pregnant. So I know that my period is due a week from Tuesday. This would be 10 days early.

I'm going to have to make an appointment to go to the doctor this week to get this checked out.
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