HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

And on the job front...

I'll be going in to work tomorrow regardless of how I feel, because we just really need the money.

I interviewed on Thursday for a job that I'm definitely qualified for, and that I think I would like. The only thing working against me was that they are looking for someone for just the mornings. But, since it looks like I have to put at least some of my school on hold anyway I told him that getting a permanent job was a higher priority right now and so if they were to hire me I would drop the morning class I'm currently registered for since this is the first week of school.

Then on Friday the Manpower rep at General Mills called and said they had a full-time month long assignment and asked if I was interested. I said yeah, and so I went and took the drug test for that. I told her about the PT job I had interviewed for and asked if it would be a problem for me to just do PT afternoons at GM if I did get that job and she said they'd be able to arrange something. That's good because I wouldn't want to have to turn down either a month of FT work or a permanent PT job w/set hours. Of course, this is all happening now when it's the first week of school so I don't even know what kind of decisions to make about that! *sigh* Since we know I'll be doing a month full-time at GM, maybe we should just bite the bullet, pay for one class out of pocket, and I just take the one Painting class that is a night class so it would be after any job I get...
I don't know.
Best case scenario right now for decision making would be to get a call tomorrow from the interview and have them offer me the job. Then do the GM job in the afternoons. I think either way I'm going to have to drop the one morning class (8am-noon) I'm registered for because that seems to cause the most scheduling difficulty. Then I can add the Painter elective because it is in the afternoon and I think it will be easier to schedule one afternoon off than one morning, especially if I get the permanent PT morning job.
I'll have to talk to Rick about it all tomorrow night, since Tuesday is the first day I've got any classes scheduled.
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