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What I done decided on for school

hellbob & I decided that while my job situation is still up in the air it would be best not to take any classes during the days. I was already signed up for painting at night and so I browsed through all the other night classes available and settled on
HTML/XHTML Authoring 1: You will develop a basic understanding of HTML/XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets Level 1, Javascript and CGIs by authoring webpages and completing a website. Current Web tools and design issues will be surveyed. Objective will be to produce clean and fast HTML/XHTML pages built and verified to World Wide Web Consortium standards. Instruction will include online readings and tutorials.
I'm not a big fan of web design, but I've only ever had one Dreamweaver class. And from my job hunting I've learned that any web knowledge and skillz are good. Plus, if I still don't like doing web stuff after this I'll know for sure.
So, I'm significantly less stressed now that the school decisions are solved.
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