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"Waffles! WOOHOO!"

Ugh. My internet tubes must be clogged because my internet is being really slow tonight!

I picked up Heroes today! Now I can finally see the pilot episode that aired on tv! Everyone else is all excited about getting to see the version of the pilot that didn't air, but that's the only one I've seen. I *cough* found it *cough* on the internet about a month before the premier. Then when it started airing and we had it on Tivo hellbob watched it without me and I told him to go ahead and delete it because I'd already seen it. It was after he deleted it that I found out that the one they aired was different from the one I saw...

More happy: School started tonight. Tues & Thurs I have Painting class. We're going to be doing mostly acrylic, and I picked up my paints after class so I am good to go! Tomorrow night I get to learn the wonders of HTML/XHTML. Bleah.

And finally, I got the call from General Mills/Manpower today. I passed my drug test. *whew* I thought for sure they'd pick up on my heroin habit... So I'll call the chick tomorrow and be working there soon.

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