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Dragon*Con news slowly filters in...

I haven't heard who the winners were for most of the Parsec awards yet, but I did get the scoop on one of the categories: The totally awesome Leann Mabry not only won the Best Reality Podcast for the super-cool Tag in the Seam podcast, but she also received the Joe Murphy Memorial Award. Way to go, Leann!

And the James Marsters news is slowly filtering in too. He injured his knee while filming Torchwood. He has a new guitar and she's a very pretty blue. He was approached about possible doing more Smallville.

And, the tidbit that made me squeeeee a little bit: James said that he had enjoyed kissing John Barrowman more than he enjoyed kissing Sarah Michelle Gellar!

James snogged Captain Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'scuse me while I wander off to my happy place now, k?
Tags: dragoncon, jm, podcasts, torchwood

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