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An update, because I know y'all miss me!

Yeah, I know. I haven't done any real updates lately. I've been pretty darn busy lately. I've been working mornings at West Photo. I'm working in their mini lab developing film and printing photos. Except I haven't done any film yet because their C-41 machine has been down since sometime last week. The photo machine is way sweeter than the one I used at Proex way back in the day before digital.

After working a few hours there in the morning I head on over to General Mills to put in about 4 hours or so at the temp assignment there. I still don't have a badge to get in though so I have to call back to the girls in charge of the project to come let me in every day. I'm pretty much just using Excel & Access at that job. It's a good thing they hadn't asked about my Access experience before placing me in the job because I hadn't used it in about 8 years. The stuff I'm doing is easy enough though. I even taught the two girls I report to a trick they didn't know. Pretty simple, just the keyboard shortcut for Run Query, but they'd only been using the button you click w/the mouse. It made me feel all smart and stuff.

Then at about 5:00 I truck on over to school. On Tuesday & Thursday I have painting class. Nothing more exciting than color wheels and color exercises so far, but our next project will be an abstract kinda thing. If mine doesn't suck I'll post a picture when it's done.

And on Wednesdays my class is HTML. We had to pick a subject to do a web page on, so I am going to make Moose his own page.

And that is what I've been up to for the last few weeks. Not the most exciting life, but hey, at least I'm working steady. :)
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