HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Delightful weekenD Day!

I dismantled Chiana today, looking for an easy way to get under the keyboard to clean her. Turns out that completely opening her up doesn't let you remove the keyboard. Well, now if I do ever upgrade to a bigger hard drive I'll know how...
So after putting her back together I instead pried off every key on the keyboard so that I could clean it. hellbob & I could build a kitten out of the cat hair that was in there. I guess cat hair in an unavoidable side effect of both the cat and the computer wanting to be on your lap at the same time.

The really wonderful thing about my 'surgery' on Chiana? My Ddddddddddd key appears to be working normally now! Yay!

hellbob & I actually went grocery shopping earlier tonight. Boy did we need to do that! Tomorrow night I'll be making huevos chorizo for dinner. Yummy!

Yesterday we went over to the MonkeyHouse to see genevra, akdar, technomonkey_m & gigglemonkey_b. My Monkeys are so cute and so smart!
When I asked technomonkey_m if he was a monkey he said that "No. I a shark!" So of course I had to tell him what a shark says: "Duh...duh...duh...duh...duh..duh..duh.duh.duh.duh" Hee hee!

After leaving the MonkeyHouse we went to Best Buy to get some new phones because our old ones just weren't working well. While there Hellbob made the mistake of letting me wander about by myself. I found the Serenity Special Edition, and Superman Doomsday. Of course, between work, school, and the new fall season I have no idea when I'll be able to watch either...

It's not just the D key. The whole keyboard in general seems to be working better. Who's a thought that keyboards shouldn't be insulated with cat hair?

Gotta love technology! On Friday I got a text message on my phone from felisblanco on her trip to Scotland giving me a kilt count! Someday I'm going to just have to bite the international rate bullet and call you, hon! Sounds like you had a fabulous time! :)

And now, bedtime. Good night boys & girls!
Tags: life, mac

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