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Because I don't have enough going on right now...

I'm doing hundredpics again. I am up to Day 10.

Day 1
An uninspired start, we've got my feet.

Day 2
My next assignment for my painting class:

Day 3
I forgot to take my camera with me today, otherwise today's pic would have been of a gorgeous sunset! Instead you get the fantastic Miss Lump!

Day 4
Didn't have a real camera with me on Tuesday so I used the crappy cell phone camera.
This is The Basilica of Saint Mary.

Day 5
This one is called "Oh crap. Class started 15 minutes ago!"
Don'tcha just love rush hour traffic?

Day 6
Tree up close

Day 7
Portrait of hellbob

Day 8
I went in to work a couple hours today at my General Mills temp job. I wasn't the only one who was there on a Saturday. I saw this guy when I was on my way out. I'm going to call him Cheerio!

Day 9
This flowerpot was upside-down next to the house, and there was apparently a flower underneath it that was determined to grow and it pushed its way through the tiny hole in the bottom

Day 10
Decorated wall down near work.

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