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God-damn fucking cancer

I haven't posted about this yet because most everyone on my flist who knows Roadkill has mutual friends who have already posted about it. Also, if I don't post about it, it's not real, right?

For those not in the Twin Cities geek community, Roadkill (real name Bob) is someone I don't know very well. Every year I go to a relaxacon in Wisconsin called OmegaCon. It's a weekend full of relaxing, games, hot tubs, drinking, and food. The consuite at this convention is awesome. There's lots of yummy real food, and this consuite has always been run by Roadkill & his wife, Mrs. Roadkill (real name Susan.)
OmegaCon was the first place I met these two, and is also where I've had the majority of my interactions with them. I also see them a little bit at CONvergence.

About 2.5 weeks ago the local sci-fi community got the news that Roadkill has a brain tumor. Fucking cancer! Why can't it just hit the pedophiles and other wastes of space and start leaving the good ones alone?

The news posted on Oct 3 from an email from Susan:
Bob collapsed at work last Friday Sept 28. He wound up in Region's hospital. Bob has a brain tumor. It is aggressive.It is at least 2 1/2 inches and growing. The neurologist figures it is 3 months old. It has gone from the right side hemisphere to the left side hemisphere which is "bad". Some of his motor functions, memory,and his personality are affected. He is having surgery Wed Oct 10 8:30 AM at Region's. They will remove as much as they can while still leaving him at his most functional. He is young and they want to give him more time. During the surgery they will do a pathology on the tumor to try to figure out what it is. They would like to also do a wafer chemo directly to the tumor but because it is close to where the brain makes the spinal fluid, they may be unable to do the wafer chemo as they cannot get any of the chemo into the spinal fluid because it would make Bob very sick. After surgery we will see an oncologist who will give us further treatment options. They can only kill the "awake" cells. There will be "asleep" cells which will not be killed and will later wake up and grow. Timeline is up to God.

Bob would like cards and flowers or plants. He is also fond of Root Beer, chocolate and ice cream as any good Troll is.

We will hopefully be doing a Roadkill Tour to Disney World. Any donations towards the tour would be greatly appreciated.

Bob cannot drive because it would be too dangerous. We will be needing a chauffeur for him here and there. After the surgery, we will know more (hopefully).

The news posted on Oct 14 from an email from Susan:
(This email was a response to Mrs. Roadkill being told that MISFITS had decided to give them a years worth of their "Project Giving" funds and that people were looking into Disney World information for them.)
Please share this with everyone. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
I don't know what to say except thank you!!!!
Never in our wildest imaginings did we think of anything like this to happen.
Right now Bob has a lot of swelling on his right side and trouble with his right eye. They are trying to get his pain under control and have him be comfortable. They removed as much as they could of the tumor and put in a wafer chemo.

Bob is going to a rehabilitation floor Monday. He will be getting pt and ot and speech therapy. They want to make sure he will be safe at home, that he could be alone at home and that he can function in society like going to the grocery store and buying food and knowing money etc...
I do not know how long he will be there. We are to have a meeting soon and they will set a goal date for Bob to leave. If he is not ready then, he will need to stay longer.
He then needs to be released for travel.

We had thought to drive down taking our time stopping at stupid touristy things on the way. Bob loves maps and planning trips. I hope he can still do that otherwise he can follow along with where we are on the map. If he needs to rest a day, we will stay in the hotel and he can rest. I do not know if someone will need to come with us to help care for him or not.

Right now we still do not know if there is any brain damage from the surgery.

It is all a big question mark and the answers will be slow to come and some answers we will never get.

All of this feels surreal to us. We were just getting on with our lives after my Father's death this May and BAM!!!

The support and love everyone has given us is tremendous and helping us to get through this.

And from today, again from an email from Susan:
Please pass on the info.

The pathology tests conclude that this is the big ass bad tumor. They are unsure if the surgery and the chemo wafer will slow its growth for a time or not. We won't know until time has passed and more tests are ran to see if it is growing slowly or as aggressively as before.

We are still waiting for Bob to be approved for rehab. The hospital sent more paperwork to the insurance company as requested. We are hoping for tomorrow (again).

For right now he can have visitors whenever. Once he gets moved to rehab (ninth floor) he can have visitors after 5PM.

They are doing preliminary therapy testing and baselines now.

Our goal is Disney World.


So they did surgery and now it's just "wait & see." Roadkill will be doing rehab. And then as soon as he can travel the Roadkills will be heading to Walt Disney World. I'm glad I'm working full time right now so that hellbob & I actually have some money to donate to the WDW travel fund.


I'm sick of fucking cancer hitting people I know.
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