HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Pic spam!

Still plugging away at hundredpics.

Day 11:

Well, I threatened that on days when I had nothing else y'all would either get pictures of my cats or my socks. Here's one of each...

Day 12:

Buildings through a rain-streaked window.

Firemen were on the street corners collecting money. The boot said "Fill the boot for Jerry's Kids."

Day 13:

Birdchick with her bunneh book! I saw my friend Sharon, aka the Birdchick tonight. This is her holding a copy of her book that just came out this week!

Day 14:

Scaffolding around a building being worked on

Day 15:

Beautiful weather at the Crex Wildlife Preserve in Grantsburg, WI

Day 16:

I had lunch today with genevra, the Monkeys, and some high school friends. When I told gigglemonkey_b to smile she did this instead:

We've also got two guest photographer shots today.
gigglemonkey_b took this picture:

and technomonkey_m took this picture:

Day 17:

Where's the green cheese?

Day 18:


And look! I got some new socks! They are nice soft fuzzy wool. :)

Day 19:

Open 24 hours:

And today's socks:

Day 20:

And today's pair of socks:
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