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My thoughts on Leopard

Well, I've had Leopard installed on Chiana for about 4 or 5 days now. Here are some of my early thoughts:

The Good:
I like the way the rounded corners on drop down menus look.

I also kinda like the new look of the dock.

The new Spaces function seems pretty nifty. Haven't really played with it yet though.

I like the "iTunes cover art" view option in finder.

I have to use an external airport card because my airport stopped working this last summer. I used to have to select my local network everytime I opened my computer back up. Since the upgrade it now remembers and reconnects me on its own, just like the real airport card did.

The Bad:
Blue Screen of Death after upgrading. Apparently the main cause of this is Application Enhancements (APEs), i.e. everything Unsanity puts out. The fix was easy to find and easy to do, but there were some moments of nervousness.

There are rumors that it doesn't play well with Adobe's pre-CS3 stuff. Hasn't been an issue for me yet. Let's hope it stays that way.

Both XJournal & Delicious Library didn't work the first time I tried opening them. A new versin of XJournal and a fix for Delicious Library were easy to find though.

The Ugly:
The opaqueness of the menu bar is annoying with many wallpapers.

I really don't like the new folder icons.

I hate the way it deals with folders on the dock. Instead of the icons I have assigned to folders, on the dock it is a teeny tiny thumbnail of the first thing in that folder alphabetically.

The Really Really Ugly:
Because I had to deactivate Candy Bar because of the BSoD my system icons I had changed are back to the Mac defaults. I can live with the boring waste basket if I have to, but my Finder! My Finder is now the stupid Mac square face again! *sob* For over 4 years I've had Spike with his killer cheekbones as my Finder icon. I don't like having the non-Spike square head!!!!

I'm sure there are other things that I haven't thought of... Oh well, I've got to get back to my homework!
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