HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Back when I was small & cute!

When I was at my parents house for Christmas I came home with a box of my Grandpa's slides. I'm gonna scan them at work. I did a few to check out what kind of quality I would get on the basic standard resolution, and then I uploaded them so that y'all can see how cute I used to be!

This one is from when I was 2. I'm on the left and genevra (3 yrs old) is on the right and that is HellDad that is holding us while we pet the lion cub that our neighbor had.

Yup, the neighbor had a real lion. I don't remember it though. :(

hellziggy & genevra with HellGrandma (HellMom's Mom.)

Charlie, aka The Best Dog Ever!

genevra & hellziggy

GreatHellGrandpa (HellMom's dad's dad), genevra, HellDad, & hellziggy

While Grandma & Grandpa were out visiting, we went on a winery tour. Note the smiles on HellGrandma & HellMom's faces and the wine glass in HellDad's hand. Also, note the complete boredom on hellziggy & genevra & HellBrother's faces. Winery tours are much more fun for grownups than for a 5 yr old, a 6 yr old, and a 2 yr old!

hellziggy, HellBrother, & genevra. Yes, our mother did cut our hair, why do you ask?

HellMom, HellDad, hellziggy, HellBrother, & genevra



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