HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Still Alive

Hullo everyone!

Yes, I know I've been a total slacker at posting lately. Not really any excuses, just haven't had the energy to post.
I finished the fall semester. Moose now has his own web site. I'm going to do some tweaking on it before getting the rest of the content uploaded.
Also, Moose is not only vacationing in lovely Antarctica at the moment, but the super-awesome mcpenguin got a picture of Moose on the actual South Pole! Now if only he would upload the pictures for me to see...
I also really ended up enjoying my painting class.

As far as work goes, I'm currently just at West Photo. The temp gig at General Mills ended just before the end of the semester. I'm still loving the job at West and all the people there are fabulous. It was insanely busy the week before Christmas. We've got inventory on the 2nd & 3rd as well as being closed for the 1st so I'll have some time off next week. I will be going in on Wednesday though because Reina and I are going to do a complete tear down and cleaning of the machines.

School starts again on Jan 14th. I'll be taking another web class, Scripting Overview, and I'll also be taking Spanish 1. By the end of the semester I'll be able to habla Espanol!

I've had a holiday season full of family. We started with my extended family on mom's side on the 22nd. That was out in Hudson, WI. Then the morning of the 24th was the annual Xmas brunch at my mom's house with the siblings & their spouses and children. On the 25th we went out to hellbob's sister's house to see her family and his dad and step-mom. Then we were back at her house on the 27th to see them again and also his step-sister Debbie and her husband. Then this last Saturday, the 29th, we went up to Champlain for Xmas with his cousins and their families. That's a lot of family in one week! I'm ready to be done with it!

We've still got one more Christmas but haven't planned a date for it yet. That will be with Clan Foley.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve and we will be spending it with Jeanine as we have done with most every New Years since moving to the Cities.

Is it really almost 2008???
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