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"Grab your dick and double-click for porn, porn, porn!"

hellbob & I had a delightful dinner (with unfortunately sub-par service) with davedujour and scotiagirl before we all wandered on over to the theater for Avenue Q.
When me & hellbob sat down (in row Q. hee!) we were both like "Damn. These seats are narrower than I remembered!" Then, during intermission, we went down to chat with davedujour and scotiagirl some more. They mentioned that there were three empty seats in the row behind them, and since there was an end seat it meant that if we sat there we wouldn't have anyone on either side of us. We figured that even though the seats aren't comfortable at least we wouldn't be squished up against strangers. Imagine our surprise when we sat down for the second half and found that these seats were actually also wider than our previous ones! Yes, the second half of the show was MUCH more comfortable!
The show was really fun! And I had hellbob buy me the coolest mousepad ever:

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