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Skull cracked. Brains leaking out. Can't wait to see new Chevy Chase movie...

Woo hoo! I won two free five day passes to the Central Standard Film Festival! Sept 18-22. Good news for chebutykin if she's not working Thurs the 19th, cuz I have school that night so HellBob will probably be looking for a date! It looks like there are two showings of most of the movies so I should be able to fit in any of the ones I REALLY want to see (even though I don't know which they are yet cuz I haven't read all the descriptions) around other distractions such as school & Jen's baby shower. I love free films!

*sudden whiplash change of topic (which drives HB insane...)*

Anyone got recomendations on digital cameras? I'm thinking that since I don't think I can give up the quality of 35mm it should be at least 3 megapixels, preferably 4 (Although if anyone wants to just give me $2000 I can just go buy a 6.2 megapixel one & be really happy!) and I really like the LED that fold out and swivel & stuff. I'm not particularly tied to any one brand. Just want the bestest quality for the littlest money. ;) Cheb, I'm pretty brain-dead. What brand was yours? And you're at like 2 megapixels, right?
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