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This week's Supernatural reaction post

I had fun doing it last week and y'all seemed to enjoy it, so here is this week's Supernatural Spoiler-filled Stream-of-consciousness post!

Let's hope they don't put that stupid 'Pussycat Dolls' logo all over this week's episode!

Oooh! Pretty boys with guns! :) Good start!

Five bucks says it's Bela calling!


What a BITCH!

But ooh, Dean in handcuffs...

Hannibal Lector and his half-wit little brother. LOL!

God I love Dean's smirk!

Ha! Dean & Sammy chained together.

Holy cow! Is that Peter DeLuise? Yes, my inner 21 Jump Street fangirl might be showing a little...

hahahaha! "You kinky son-of-a-bitch. We don't swing that way." Oh Dean, haven't you seen the fics out there about y'all? :)

Oh hell no! He did NOT just accuse Daddy Winchester of molesting them.

This guy's definitely evil.

He shot Dean! Bastard!

Sammy with the Latin!

They're all dead. You'll be dead soon too FBI guy. You NEVER walk toward all the dead bodies, it's just asking to get killed also.

The chick is familiar. Can't figure out where from.

How long 'til Henricksen figures out that the enemy isn't human?

"How's the shoulder?" "Awesome" *snort*

And there's Dean's "charm the pants off all the girls" smile.

Oh Sammy. Why'd you do that?

Ah. Protection.

Yes Dean, you are so awesome.

Henricksen possessed. Didn't see that coming. Well, it will convince him about the demons!

Ha! Turning the toilet into holy water was brilliant Sammy!!!

But you didn't shoot the deputy! LOL! I actually started typing that before Dean said it.

Hey Dean, if you take your shirt off it will be easier for her to dress your wound. Just sayin'...

What the fuck do I know her from?!?!

Purple sparklies in the smoke, that's new. And pretty.

And there are the tattoos I'd been spoilered for.

Zombies... Yeah, I know, demons, not zombies. But they look like zombies.

Did that fuckhead just disturb the salt barrier?

Evil clowns that eat people!

It's Ruby.

She's gonna do a spell to save them that will kill her? Would she really make that sacrifice?

A virgin? Dean's so not even close! Bet the girl's a virgin.

Dean's fighting it and Sam's gonna go along? That's messed up.

Hee! How many times does a guy get to yell "Nobody kill any virgins!"

Dean's got a plan. Does his plan include a virgin?

Ok, the let them in and fight plan? Could work, but why, why, WHY open 3 different doors and split up???? Give them ONE way in and stand together! There is no way the Winchesters would have done with such a flawed plan.

hahahaha! "When this is over I'm going to have so much sex... but not with you." How much you wanna bet she wants that sex to be with Dean?

OK, so trapping the demons *in* the building. There may have been a bit of a plan to the 3 entrances.

Oooh, tape recording of Latin. Brilliant!

And *poof* goes the demon dust.

I've never been so happy to have Sam & Dean die! :)

Oh fuck that is creepy! The black eyes are bad, but Lilith's milky white eyes are worse! She did have a pretty apt description of the boys though. "One's really tall and one's really cute."

I'm still not sure if I like or trust Ruby. What if her goal is to corrupt the boys?

Damn, I love this show. Especially Dean.



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Feb. 22nd, 2008 06:56 am (UTC)
I totally thought this was going to be a zombie episode...glad it wasn't.

Makes me sad that Henricksen and virgin girl had to die at the end.

I so saw "But you didn't shoot the deputy" coming.

And yeah. Milky-eyed baby Lilith = quite possibly the creepiest Supernatural villain ever.
Feb. 22nd, 2008 02:01 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I was totally getting to like Henricksen and thinking that he'd be a good hunter. :(

Kids are always creepy villains, and then you add those eyes? *shudder*
Feb. 22nd, 2008 04:27 pm (UTC)
I'm still a little freaked out by this episode. I won't get to rewatch it until tonight, and there's stuff I missed. But man, I really dislike Ruby.

And I'll miss Henricksen.
Feb. 23rd, 2008 02:22 am (UTC)
Bela bitch must die....

It sucks that season three is going to be sooooo short and I hope they come up with a good season finale.....looks like Season three will only have...maybe 16 episodes instead of the 22 to 24......

I'm pretty sure, they will get renewed for season 4......but I wonder how it will survive if SAG goes on strike.

I really enjoyed the "I shot the sheriff."

"But, you didn't shoot the deputy."

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