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On the red carpet!

OK, we let the Tivo give us a bit of a head start on the Oscar pre-show & Oscars.
My reactions as I watch will be here,

~Javier Bardem looks sooo much better w/o the No Country For Old Men hair!

~Katherine Heigl looks BEAUTIFUL!

~There's Jennifer Garner. Where's her hubby! Where's Ben?!?!

~Neither Daniel Day-Lewis nor his wife look that good. What's up with the red bows on her dress?

~Ellen Page looks adorable! I LOVED Juno! I want it to win, but know it won't.

~I just don't really like Hillary Swank. Also, she kinda looks like a transvestite.

~Regis, we don't care about these dancers. Get back to the celebrities!

~Poke. Hey Regis, the camera is on.

~and now, the main event!

~the animation was kind of cool, but I hope it's not replacing the opening skit. :(
stoopid writer's strike!

~*sigh* I love you, Jon Stewart!

~Javier Bardem looks kinda like Jeffery Dean Morgan.

~Make-up sex with Jon Stewart!!! hee hee

~This year's slate of Oscar nominated psychopathic killers. :)

~"Thank god for teen pregnancy!"

~How many minutes in, and Jon's already made a Hilary joke, and a jew joke. Yes, I love Jon.

~Hee! Stripper names! Mine is Charlie 161st Ave.

~Jennifer Garner's hair definitely looks like she had a bit of a tumble in the back seat with Ben on the way to the show!!

~Jon Stewart in bed with George Clooney was priceless.

~My boyfriend! The world needs more Ben Affleck!

~No! Stop the Celine Dion "music"!!!

~Jon has an iPhone. "Oh, those are camels."

~Steve Carrell! And Anne Hathaway's dress is pretty, other than the flower thingy.

~And Rattatoulie got it. That's the only one of the three I've seen, and I liked it!

~I can't believe Norbit is up for an Oscar!

~OK. I find this first nominated song a bit annoying!

~The Mastercard commercial with the guy's right eye was CREEPY!!!!

~I admit to having a fondness for Dwayne Johnson/The Rock. He's hot and has an adorable smile.

~Cool. Golden Compass was very purty.

~Damn! Hope Cate Blanchette doesn't give birth on stage!

~Yum! Johnny looks good!

~That dress is doing weird things to Jennifer Hudson's boobs!

~Go, l'il Affleck brother, go! (not that he stands a chance against Javier, but still...)

~Yup, Javier got it.

~Huh. Owen Wilson is out of "I tried to kill myself" treatment.

~Having the bee from Bee Movie was annoying, the 'my previous work' montage was amusing.

~Bringing the Peter & the Wolf doll was kinda cute.

~Well, Tilda was totally shocked.

~But she's so not pretty. Too severe and mannish. Incredibly pale & red hair combined with ugly black dress = ick!

~Fun speech though!

~Even pregnant Jessica Alba is hot. :) Gorgeous dress too.

~I just really don't like the musical numbers. And the bodice of her dress is sticking out about 2 inches from her chest. Looks weird!

~Seth Rogan and the other dude as Halle Berry & Dame Judy Dench was pretty cute.

~Oooh. Time for best actress. I really want Ellen Page to win. She won't though.

~Wii tennis! Cute!

~I alternate between thinking that Colin Farrell is kind of adorable, and thinking that he annoys me.

~Super old guy is boring me!

~I have seen so few of the movies this year, it's not even funny! I've seen none of the foreign language ones.

~*sigh* another song. At least it's the last one.

~Damn. I can't believe they didn't even let the chick from the Once song say anything!

~Have I mentioned how much I love Jon Stewart? Hooray for bringing the chick out to say her thanks!

~And we've caught up to live!

~Please let Juno win!

~And Juno wins! Yay!

~Daniel Day-Lewis wins. No surprise there.

~Coen's get director. No surprise there.

~No Country for Old Men gets best pic. No surprise there.

~And we're done. The writer's strike certainly affected this show. It was all freakin' montages.

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