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What's wrong with him? questions

There is a girl here at work who is single and has been out in the wonderful world of first dates.
Each new guy she meets ends up making her add a new question to the list of questions to screen out the ones that just won't work. The one she has been talking to lately (but hasn't met yet) has passed all the questions so far so we are trying to figure out what "the deal breaker" question that she just hasn't thought of yet is.
Some examples of previous deal breakers that have been added are: "Are you hygenically inclined?" and "Have you ever been in prison for crystal meth?"

So, oh LJ brain of mine. What are some questions she needs to ask this boy?


Mar. 4th, 2008 09:11 pm (UTC)
Name someone - living or dead - whom you admire and tell me why.

Or, to make it less of a mouthful: who's your hero and why?

Then you're not asking about your priorities, but his. That difference may seem picky and overly subtle, but it's telling when you hear the answer...a lot like the one about what book you read last.

That said, my first date test turned out to be eating garlic on a first date. Without garlic, I would find both food and life sadly lacking in flavor, so when Mr. Wench shared garlic fondue with me on a first date, then took me back to his place so we could watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail...it just couldn't have been more perfect.

I think his biggest hurdle was waiting for the day when I said I didn't like a song he'd written. There was a visible and audible sigh of relief, and from that point on he's always known he can count on me to give my honest opinion whenever he asks for it, no matter how much it might not be what he wants to hear. Having been badly hosed by a couple of women in his past who told him what they thought he wanted to hear, he was afraid to go through that again.



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