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This was a really good weekend overall! Chiana was being a bitch on Friday and started randomly locking up for no good reason, so I called Apple support (from my cell phone so I could be mobile). While talking to them, chebutykin was ready to take off for Omegacon, so we hit the road while I continued talking w/ Apple dude. When the seatbelt dinger went off he was concerned & asked if it was my computer making that noise. I reassured him that it was just the car. So about 30 seconds later it sinks in & he asks in a nervous voice, "You aren't driving, are you?" After telling him no, we thought we had discovered the problem, and that it was the Virex program that I had downloaded from .mac, so we took care of that & were pretty much done when the car stopped. In the middle of the road. Across 2 lanes of traffic. Out of gas, within sight of a gas station. So I jumped out & helped push as the poor tech dude couldn't get off the phone with me fast enough! 3 short blocks to the gas station, and 3 back to the car and we were back in action. Drive to the gas station this time. Fill up and go fetch Mr. cajones.

So we were on the road and ready to go relax. I was happy because I thought Chiana was all better. We got some fast food, and then I was introduced to the wonderous joy that is Soylent Theater. It is F'ing brilliant! If you want to make me giggle, just say "Porn Far"

We arrived sometime early evening-ish. 7 or 8 or so. chebutykin had the Muskrat Love room again this year, and I got the Gray Squirrel room. Yes, I had brought Moose. Yes, "Moose & Squirrel" in a Boris and/or Natasha voice was the first thing I thought of. The thing I absolutely loved about my room is that it was the first one on the right. Which meant that if I was in the Big Bear room it was ultra convenient to run to my room to drop something off or fetch something.

The rest of the evening was spent wandering and chatting. I also learned to play a fun card game called Killer Rabbits and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. Then I got in some quality Hot Tub Time! While in the tub I met the Scott's and the Caly's.

Saturday I slept in until about 9 or 10. It was a very lazy kind of morning. There was an utterly yummy coffee cake in the ConSuite. Have I mentioned yet that the Roadkill's rock? Cuz they do! There was non-stop yummy food & drink all weekend. Sometime around noonish it was time for me and wiredferret to bop up the road to the local quilt shop, where we could covet all the pretty fabric. We were both very good and didn't buy oodles of it. I got some fat quarters for my Elements quilt, which I haven't really designed yet. The quilt store ladies were relatively amused that Wired & I were in our jammies. I could get addicted to this wandering around in flannel jammies thing! :)

Shortly after the Fabric Expedition, it was time for Matrix Revolutions. It was pretty good, although I was doing such a good job of relaxing that I hadn't taken my Ritalin and I faded in & out a few times... And the theatre was kind of chilly, so I had to cuddle under my coat. I did have a Monte next to me though, so I did get to cuddle him. Not a hellbob, but an acceptable substitute!

Ok, so it's 12:36 am, and I'm kinda tired. So I will finish the Weekend Update tomorrow!

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