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PSA re: British Invasion

Just a quick note for any of y'all who were at Marscon. If you go to my post I made about it here you will see that it has been edited a little bit. This is in response to the email I got from Mike, their charming kilted commander, after I sent him copies of the pictures I took and asked what the protocol on posting them online would be.

His response:

I want to say thank you for helping take care of the Troops. I know that they had a great time.
In regards to posting the pictures, THIS IS IMPORTANT. Pass this on to anyone you know that took photos. Please do NOT post any pictures of the soldiers that show their faces or are in bad taste. (anything you would not show your Priest) If you DO want to post pictures, please block out their faces and any reference to their names or where they are going. First names would be OK. Do not post any mailing addresses or e-mail addresses if you were given them. If you can, please block out any visible rank or insignia on their uniforms as well. It was overlooked that photos could be posted and irreparable damage could be done.

Some of the lads deal with sensitive stuff if you know what I mean. We cannot risk showing their faces or posting where they are going.

So if any of the rest of you wrote about or posted pictures of the soldiers, could you just give your post a quick glance to see that there is nothing there that would endanger our charming British friends? Thanks!
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