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Yay! I got an error message!!

Chiana is alive and well! :) There hasn't been too much posted about it, cuz, well, she didn't work...
As briefly mentioned in my last post, Chiana had developed the annoying habit of freezing up randomly for no appartant reason. So I called Apple Support. Several times. Each time we did something different and thought the problem had been solved, then a little while later it would happen again. I even went down to the Apple Store last night to have it looked at in person instead of over the phone. I was there for 2.5 hours and we thought it was fixed, but as soon as I got home it locked right up again.
I had given up hope of it being something relatively fixable and figured I'd have to have it sent in for repair, but I decided to call in again today. I got through pretty quick, but after looking at the file the dude decided it was time to bump me up to second level support. One of the first things he had me do was run a different disk test than all the others I had done. Apparently there was some kind of an error with my RAM. He had me open up the computer & take it out & put it back in, in case it was just loose, and after I did that I ran the test and there was no error message! So it was probably loose for some reason. And if it does lock up again I'll just run to the Apple store and make them replace it.

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