HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Linkarific goodness!

Geez! It's been just about forever since I did a link roundup of cool stuff.

ThinkGeek always has the coolest stuff! I want THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS, but THIS is just a little too weird for me!

If you use Gmail, they have added a really cool new feature: Custom Time.

Virgin founder Richard Branson comes up with some pretty nutty ideas sometimes, but this one actually sounds pretty cool: Virgle

Jake Gyllenhaal will be replacing Tobey Maguire in the next Spider-Man movie. Kirsten Dunst will most likely not be returning as Mary Jane, since she and Gyllenhaal had a tumultuous real-life relationship that ended badly, but also because apparently she also wants to "move on" (great move, honey!).

For now, rumors are still swerving about who might take over the coveted role as Spidey's main squeeze including hottie extraordinaire Megan Fox, one of Jake's good friends Natalie Portman, or even an inspired choice (in my opinion), Maggie Gyllenhaal -- Jake's sister in real life.

Jake once said that he would "love to make out with my sister...but only for a movie, of course", so this would be the ideal circumstance to do so. Also, Maggie just finished her role as Batman's main squeeze in THE DARK KNIGHT, so God knows she's likely to want to keep that "comic book hero girlfriend" thing going for years to come.

And a not so cool link... Our LiveJournal overlords have appointed a new member to their advisory board.
Let the wank begin!

OK, day's almost over. Time to add the rest of the tags. Happy April Fools, y'all. Hope you didn't get Rick-rolled too many times!
Tags: april fools, humor, linkarific

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