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Attention Madison peeps!!!

Missing kitty!

“Mr. Spock“ ran away on Sunday March 30th on the 1200 block of East Wilson St. in Madison. He's a black long-haired cat with yellow eyes, has a white streak on his neck and on the sides of his paws. Last seen running towards the apartments behind Jolly Bob's. Please email mike@sunspotmusic.com if you see a cat in the neighborhood that even comes close to the description.

If you're an east-sider or are in the Willy Street area, please keep a look out, it would mean a lot to me.

If any of y'all who live in Madison find Mr. Spock please contact Mike! His post is here: http://www.loseroftheyear.com/


Hooray! Update:

The Search for Spock is over!

And just like Star Trek 3, it's got a happy ending (well, except for the Enterprise being blown up and Kirk's son getting killed)- we found him last night! He was outside the apartment complex the whole time. We'd been putting food out at night-time for the past few days and something had been eating it. So, last night we put out a live animal trap (did you know you could get those at Menard's? Remarkable.) and an hour later, there he was.

Thanks for the positive thoughts and energy that everyone sent in his direction. It was truly appreciated.
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