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Validating forms should be one of the simple basic things for Javascript, but I feel stupid and like I'm in water about 4 feet over my head when it comes to this crap!
I've found several examples of how to validate a zip code but I can't get them to work and I can't figure out what I need to change and I FRAKING HATE THIS SHIT!!!!!
And I'm sitting here struggling with this assignment from 3 WEEKS ago because I still don't get it and it's taking time away that I could be using for my final site project.
If it wouldn't leave me one credit short for financial aid requirements I would be so dropping this class right now!
I'm at the point now where I'm about to decide that it JUST DOESN'T MATTER if I get this stupid form assignment done or not because how many points can it be worth anyway?

Project 1
Start with the following form and javascript embeded in this document. Use the examples covered in class to validate the checkbox and radio button fields. Find or create regular expressions to validate the phone, email and zip code fields.
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