HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,


Sitting at school taking a quick break from studying. In about 1/2 hour I have my final oral exam for Spanish. Then next week I take the final written. I think I'm ready...

It is beautiful out today! Maybe I'll finally get a chance to take my new lens out for a good test run.

In my post a couple days ago I said:
There are at least 5 women on my flist that are pregnant. And of those 5 only 2 of them are among his 5 pregnant flisters. And I have a non-LJ friend who is pregnant too.
Ooops! I forgot to count someone. There is also a dude on my flist who's going to be a father. So that is 6 pregnant flisters...

Paul & Storm and Jonathan Coulton in just two days!!!!! w00t!

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