HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Supernatural live reaction post

Well, I'm sure to like this episode better than the last one... My reactions/ramblings are here under the cut. And of course, spoiler warning!

~Dude is in the first scene of the show... bet he's dead before the commercial break. :)

~Yup. Dead.

~SHA33. Wonder what that means?

~Of course Dean is eating! LOL

~hee hee. Pack your panties, Sammy.

~Talking about feelings and boybands!

~Well that bit of news is gonna piss off Sammy...

~Such a pretty car!

~Withholding information from the police is a capital offense. Heh!

~From HQ, eh? HQ of what, i wonder?

~This guy is creepy! Who surfs porn at work?!

~Is that bustyasianbeauties.com? Platinum membership is worth every penny! LOL! Oh Dean.

~From badass Dean in guys face to smirking at Sam Dean. Nice.

~Damn, Sam looks good a suit.

~I hear dead people...

~84 year old grandmother having phone sex with her dead husband! hehehehe.

~...and Dean checks out the chick's ass.

~yeah, there's no way it's really Papa Winchester.

~Wow. We've got a heck of a lovely Motel this episode. :)

~Ooooh! I so need to make an animated icon of Dean's eyebrow wiggle!!!

~Air quotes. ugh. And "We're walking, we're walking." Can she be the next to die??

~Oh Dean, you miss your daddy, don't you?

~Don't believe him Dean!

~The dead use chat programs too, as well as phoning? High tech spooks!

~Ooh. and video too. Creepy!

~"My ass is too sweet to let out of sight" Yes, Dean, yes it is!

~Newsflash Sam, people are supposed to be freaked out by ghosts!

~Oh Dean, you'll just cling to any hope, won't you.

~Toy phone ringing. Cool.

~Well duh, it's not her mother!

~Dean! You were supposed to stay put!!!

~Of course it wasn't creepy little guy. It's never the one you expect.

~No blood splatter? WTF?

~And that is one creepy demon dude.

~"I'm killing your brother." Nuh-uh.

~Using a dead kid to lure someone. Dirty trick.

~Sigh. Dean & dude will fight. But neither will kill the other. Wouldn't have happened if Dean had stayed put like he was supposed to !

~"they improved your face."

~Oh Dean, you'll find a way out of it. You have to, there's going to be a 4th season!

~*wibble* Dean is scared.

~Awww. touching chick flick moment. Followed by Dean snark & sarcasm.

~"Do you want a poem?" "moment's gone"

~Now THATS what I expect from my episodes. WAAAAAAAY better than last weeks!

Tags: live reaction post, spn, tv

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