HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

*Pokes head up* *Looks around*

Hey, whadda ya know? The internets are still here!

I've been mostly offline the last few days because life got busy!

Thursday night was the Paul & Storm/JoCo concert.
A fabulous show, as always!
I sold a lot of shirts and CDs.
I took a lot of pictures. I shot a couple videos.
I added JoCo to the exclusive club that contains only James Marsters, Kevin Sorbo, and Martina McBride - I got his autograph on a picture of him that I took!
I stayed out way too late!
I did not properly celebrate the First of May.
I was a tired puppy on Friday!

Friday I dragged my tired butt in to work, and then when I got home from work I started in on the monumental task of de-cluttering the living room. We're going to be hosting our friend's graduation party here next weekend because she lives in a cute little apartment that is too small.

Saturday was my darling hellbob's birthday! We started the day with brunch at Picosa. Absolutely delicious food! And equally wonderful company. We were joined there by LJ-less Jeanine, Curt, Nissa, and Darek. While discussing our mutual love of breakfast we hatched a non-concrete plan to do semi-regular Saturday breakfast brunches. Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, it is the yummiest!

Brunch was followed by a viewing of Iron Man with still LJ-less Jeanine and Curt, and also genevra, kaldeth, kalfoley, and levertwok. Very cool movie. Solid plot, pretty effects.

We were apparently going for a latin theme because we then ended up at El Loro for dinner. Unfortunately the waiter & the kitchen weren't at their best. Our waiter seemed overwhelmed so I suspect that they were short-staffed. Despite the glitches with the meal we all ate tons, and hellbob got a free shot of tequila for his birthday.

kaldeth & kalfoley & levertwok then hung out until the wee hours here at the HellHouse playing the longest game of Trivial Pursuit EVAH!

Sunday we slept in, foiling our well-crafted plan to go to Jun-Bo for dim sum. Curses! I then spent most of Sunday working on my HTML scripting homework. Despite that, when I went to bed my code was not functional or elegant.

Today I worked in the morning. Got to change chemicals on the film machine. WooHoo! Good times, I tell ya. Then I headed to school and spent more time fighting with my web page. By the time we had to show our sites to the class my code was functional, but still not elegant. I've got another week to finish tweaking it before the teacher shuts off the server access.

And now I'm home, catching up on the internets. I always forget that some people who aren't on LJ read this too. Hi Lance!

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