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Yes boys and girls, it's time for another "My reactions as I watch the pretty boys on Supernatural" post!

~Hmmm. Already don't like this guy. It's a good thing the guy you see before the credits always dies!

~OK... If I ever get locked in my trunk it has a glow in the dark interior release.

~*sigh* Dean has such a cute little smirky grin.

~*whimper* No! Stop talking about Dean going to hell! It CAN'T happen!!!!!

~"Zombies do like the other other white meat"

~"Hot zombie action"

~"We're very smart."

~hee hee "You done? Please go away."

~"Zombie with skills. Dr. Quinn Medicine Zombie"

~And Dean's stuffing his face.

~Well that doctor is pretty damn creepy looking!

~Wouldn't the guy be passed out long before getting to the point where he can see his heart??

~Ooh, a lead on Bela.

~Oh Sam, so this case was just to try to save Dean.

~Aww. Don't let the boys split up. :(

~Dean! Don't leave your brother without hugging him!

~This isn't good. Nothing good ever comes of separating the boys.

~Just give him the Johnny Walker Blue and he'll help you. Silly boy!

~Only 3 weeks left! :(

~Oooh. Wonder what this guy knows about Bela?

~Not fair! Show us what's in the file!!

~Oh Sammy, you couldn't go into the woods first thing in the morning so it wouldn't be dark while you're there?

~And going into the cellar by yourself? *whimper* That means something bad will happen!

~Sammy is always a sucker for the pretty girl.

~Go Sammy Go! Run over creepy doctor guy!

~Yeah, badass Dean!

~Hmm. What was that above the door?

~Gods, she's such a bitch!

~The cure isn't magic?

~No! Creepy doctor got Sammy!!!!!

~Ugh. The eyes taped open thing is creepy.

~Yay Dean in the nick of time!

~If Dean becomes immortal will he get as ugly as Creepy Doctor?

~Buried alive forever. Eek.

~Grrr. The Bitch found them. Yeah, like they weren't expecting her.

~LOLOLOLOL! The blowup dolls were frickin' hilarious!

~Ooooh. Nice twist.

~But I don't quite believe her...

~Lilith again.

~Wah! Season finale next week! And you just know that since they've been picked up for Season 4 that Kripke will cliffhanger us!


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May. 9th, 2008 02:45 pm (UTC)
Poor Major Lorne!! I was so happy to see him, and then his guts fall out. Gross.

I love how Bela was resolved, although I did see the child abuse from a mile away.

I didn't watch the preview for next week, but I'm scared. Kripke has already said that there will be a cliffhanger. *trembles in fear*
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