HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Playing with a new online album...

I was on a photography site a few weeks ago (This site) and I really liked the album software he was using. I just really dug the look of the site and the way the photos were presented.
So I followed a tiny link on the bottom of the page and found that JAlbum is a free software that works for both Mac & PC, and has limited space for their free users on their server, but that you can also use it to upload the album to your own server space.
I'm just experimenting now with the way it looks, but I plan to use it just for my "art" photos, not for any of my real life family/friends type photos. My eventual goal is to use it for all my photos that are of high enough quality to sell.
I'm using the JAlbum free space right now, but I will eventually move it over to the Dreamflyte website.
If you wanna take a peek the little bit I've done is here: Hey look! It's a link that works!

Dammit, comments say the link's not working! Let's try again with the link they emailed to me...
Ok, it appears we have a working link now. Yay!
Tags: photos

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