HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Drunk now...

bloodlossgirl & LJ-less Nick are married now.
It was a fabulous ceremony and an even more fabulous reception.
They are adorable and I have pictures (later when I'm not drunk)
lexinatrix & hubby were there. And bleaknimue & suibhne_geilt & nigel_corvix. And nicepersonality. And LJ-less Jim (Hi Jim!) who's wife I've already met because she comes into my work.
It was fun and I had a lot of wine. So I am going to ravish the awesome hellbob now and will post more about the fun weekend later.
(Weekend details will include what happens when a crazy man with money starts collecting stuff... a.k.a. The House on the Rock)
Tags: drunk, friends, lj peeps, wedding

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