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The Police vs. hookers, blow & JoCo!

On August 6th this year hellbob & I will be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary.

On August 7th he will go on vacation without me.

Then on August 14 I will go without him.

It wasn't really planned that way, it is just how things turned out.

I really wanted to go out to Vegas during the NME to meet all my online podcasting peeps and to go to the JoCo/Richard Cheese/Chance Coverville 500 concert. It just happens to be Microsoft's Patch Week, so my darling hellbob decided he shouldn't go.

Then last night as he was reading anything new on the internets about The Police he saw that their absolute final last concert together ever was going to be August 7th at Madison Square Garden in New York. And he started to hatch a plan.

So yes, hellbob will be getting two tickets for that concert tomorrow when they go on sale. He's going to go with kaldeth. They will fly out the day of the concert and fly back the next day.

Damn expensive concert, but how could I say no to him? He's put up with my James Marsters obsession, after all.

It just seems weird that after rarely flying for vacations in all our time together now we are both going to fly opposite directions without each other!

Of course, he will only get to gaze lovingly upon Sting, Andy and Stewart from afar. I, on the other hand, will most likely get to hug the adorable Mr. Jonathan Coulton. *grin*

I also have to admit to a bit of a twinge of jealousy, as I've already been to Vegas 3 other times (and Hellbob's been twice) but I've never been to New York City! Hardly seems fair seeing as how I'm the one that was born in New York state!


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Jun. 9th, 2008 03:21 pm (UTC)
Gotta say, of the two, I prefer NYC over Vegas. (Actually, there are very few places that would be before Vegas on the list.)

. . .

That wasn't helpful, was it?

*tries again*

You both will have totally awesome times, and now hellbob will be able to look around NYC and plot a surprise trip for you both. Because, obviously, you deserve it.
Jun. 10th, 2008 08:38 am (UTC)
You're the winner
Pfft. I'd take the more intimate venue over a stadium concert every time. Besides, in Vegas, you can walk from NYC to Paris. Try doing that on the east coast...

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