HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

I guess the internet doesn't know everything!

I checked the blood sugar of both cats tonight (I get paranoid about such things after having had Cougar's diabetes go undiagnosed.)
Lump's came in at a respectable 68.
Gabe's was at 176, and he hasn't had food since about 12 hours ago since he gets fed twice a day.
So I Googled feline blood sugar and found three sites with blood glucose guidlines. They were all different:
65-135 mg/dL
80-120 mg/dL
50-130 mg/dL
So basically Lumpy comes in normal, but Gabe's numbers are high. He's due for his regular checkup though, and he needs his teeth clean which means they'll have to do a full blood workup anyway since he's so old. The cranky guy will be 17 years old this fall.
Tags: cats

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