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What? No happy ending?

Thank you everyone for the loverly birfday wishes on Saturday!

I had a lovely birthday.
On Friday night a bunch of us went to Hellboy II. While there we ran into jmanna & magicmarmot & the House of Toast folks. The movie was great! Lots of fun.
Then, Saturday, it was my actual birfday. It started with a trip to The Refinery with camel0t & LJless Nissa for some pampering. I had my first ever real massage and it was WONDERFUL! I think I may have a new monthly expense. :)
After we were all done with our spa stuff we had a nice lunch across the street. It was nice to hang out with just the girls.
Next up was heading home to hellbob and going to a movie. We saw Hancock. It was good, but there was a plot shift in the middle of it. Both halves of the movie were good, but they didn't feel like parts of the same movie.
After the movie we drove around Medicine Lake daydreaming about being able to buy a house there on the lake some day. (Any one got an extra $949,999 they want to give us?)
Saturday's weather was absolutely PERFECT.
After our lakeshore daydreams we headed over to the MonkeyHouse to watch technomonkey_m & gigglemonkey_b while genevra and akdar went out to see Hellboy II .
I still have the cutest niece and nephew in the History of the World!
Watching the Monkeys mostly consisted of Hellbob & I sitting on the deck enjoying the beautiful weather while they ran around the back yard.
Then, when Genevra and Akdar got home we all went out to dinner for my birthday. I picked Chili's because I was craving Chicken Crispers.
All in all it was a very lovely day.

I also got some pretty cool gifts this year.
hellbob got me these super-cool Converse shoes:

He also got me 2 t-shirts; one w/grilled cheese on it, and one with the Lost Boys poster image on the front and "Sleep all day, Party all night" on the back.

And he got me this bunny:


And genevra got me these cool pillows with the "Candy" font from Veer on them:

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