HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

I ain't payin' for those kids. They ain't mine!!

Had a brief identity theft scare today.

At the beginning of the year K up in accounting had gotten a form from New York about child support payments and it had a completely different name than me and the social security number was one digit different. She didn't think anything of it since nothing matched. She replied that West had no employee with either that name or SSN.

Fast forward to yesterday...
She comes down and asks if I've ever lived or worked in New York.
She wasn't expecting that answer.

Turns out she'd gotten another form. This one for wage verification with the same wrong SSN, but this one had the name S. Snyder. 0.o

But she knows she's got my number right because she did the I-9 Homeland Security form when I was hired.
It was odd enough though to get two request for the wrong number, one with my name, that she came down to ask about it.

Kinda weird but I didn't think too much of it. Then this morning before leaving home I thought to check my pay stub.


My SSN is listed as xxx-xx-2xxx instead of xxx-xx-8xxx!!!

So I grabbed my Social Security card and last year's W2 to bring in.
At this point I'd started a mild panic thinking that the "wrong" SSN things had been requested under was actually my correct '8xxx' number and that would have meant that someone else was using the same number with a different name. Apparently that's a relatively common form of identity theft for illegals who want to work. They buy a forged card with a real number but their name on it.

But... when I talked to K today I found out that the 'wrong' number they'd been looking for info on really was the wrong one, the '2xxx' one.
So, they've got all my info correct here at West. It is ADP that keyed in my SSN incorrectly. I'm not a victim of identity theft, I *am* the identity thief! But K has contacted ADP and informed them. This should be a minor problem to fix.

And now I won't have to pay child support on those darn kids in NY. They're not mine, I'm telling ya!!!

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