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Funniest quote of the weekend

As we were eating dinner Friday night, I asked my cousin & his wife, "So, is Kathy just slurring more now that she's getting older, or is she half in the bag?"
My cousin: "I'd guess half in the bag. Either that or she just had a stroke because she wasn't slurring 3 hours ago."
Kind of sad, because mom really does drink too much these days, but also really damn funny.
On a less funny note, I also noticed that mom was coughing A LOT this weekend. And not just "oh, I have a cold" coughs, but the kind of coughs you only get from someone who has been smoking for over 40 years. Not that Kathy would ever admit that smoking might be the cause of the cough. Smoking isn't bad for you, just ask her. But yeah, her coughs were so much worse than they've ever been in the past. *sigh*
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